What Type Of Government Does Cuba Have?

by V. Santamaria on March 28, 2013

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Short film by Amnesty International provides some insight to the question: What Type Of Government Does Cuba Have?

What Type Of Government Does Cuba Have What Type Of Government Does Cuba Have?  Short Answer:  Communist, that manifests as a brutal authoritarian dictatorship and police state.

What Type of Government Does Cuba Have? Long Answer: Many people around the world do not know, what many Cubans know and have experienced: that is, the brutally cruel reality of the Castro regime. When answering the question,What type of government does Cuba have?”, it is important to state the fact that Fidel Castro and Raul Castro have controlled Cuba since January 1959. The Castro brothers have remained in power by brute force and deceit for 55 years and counting.

What Type Of Government Does Cuba Have Regarding Elections?

One result of the Castro regime is that there have not been free fair elections in Cuba for 55 years, during the time Castro has been in power. Most often, especially in the media, Fidel Castro and in more recent years Raul Castro, are referred to as “President” Castro. It is very important to distinguish and clarify how one becomes “president” in the Castro regime, because in democracies, presidents are freely elected by the country’s citizens. And thus,  people who have lived their entire lives in a democratic country may assume that when a leader of a country is referred to as “president”, he or she was freely elected by the country’s citizens. Nothing could be further from the truth in the case of the Castro brothers in Cuba. Even though Castro is often referred to as “President”, he is, in fact, a brutal dictator who implements having a police state, and remains in power by suppressing  and persecuting all people who have, or he suspects have ideas that are different than his egregiously unjust ones.

What Type Of Government Does Cuba Have Regarding Human Rights?

When answering  this question,  it is important to be abundantly clear: Castro systematically represses all people he suspects are dissidents and/or who attempt to disclose the reality of the suppression of human rights in Cuba, or speak the truth about other egregiously unjust acts committed by Castro’s regime. It is important to define human rights so that readers get a glimpse of the magnitude of the injustices that have occurred and continue to occur in Cuba, given the systematic suppression of human rights by Castro for the past 55 years.

Basic human rights include the right to free speech, that is, to be able to express oneself freely. This is not allowed in Cuba, when the free speech is critical or perceived to be critical of the government. Thus, journalists and others in Cuba are often incarcerated.  Moreover, accessing the Internet by Cuban citizens is very difficult, given Castro’s censorship, which is one way to suppress free speech via written expression.

Basic human rights include the right to free association, that is, to be able to interact with the people with whom one wishes to interact. Political activists in Cuba are routinely imprisoned in their homes so that they will not be able to attend events of their choosing.

Basic human rights include the right to peaceful assembly. If a group of people in Cuba peacefully gather or are suspected of peacefully gathering for the purpose of criticizing the government, such as, for example, to protest human rights abuses in Cuba, the assembly is not allowed.

Basic human rights include the right to privacy. Castro implements a system called Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, which is neighborhood spying. Censorship is also part of Castro’s regime, which includes intercepting and reading personal mail, and listening to personal phone conversations.

Basic human rights include the right to movement, that is, to go where one wishes. In Cuba, Cubans are virtual prisoners in their own country. Cuban citizens are highly restricted from travelling outside of Cuba, and it is practically impossible for citizens who are deemed critics of the regime.

Basic human rights include due process of law. In Cuba, people who are suspected of being critical of the government are harassed and incarcerated, without any chance for fair representation or defense.

The examples given above about systematic suppression of basic human rights in Cuba by the Castro regime are merely a few examples of the innumerable egregious injustices the Castro regime has perpetuated during the past 55 years, and continues to perpetuate.

What Type Of Government Does Castro Portray To The World?

The horror and hypocrisy of the Castro regime is further illustrated by the fact that Castro is masterful at deception. His diatribes include stating that he represents justice, equality, and freedom. Yet the history of his regime reveals that he has inflicted and continues to inflict profound, immense, unimaginable, suffering to innumerable individuals and families as the result of his tyranny.

For some people who have not lived and suffered the brutal Castro experience, or have not experienced something similar to having a brutal dictator control their lives or the life of someone they know, it may be very difficult to believe the reality of the devastating horror many Cubans have suffered and continue to suffer during Castro’s tyrannical regime. Yet, it is so very sadly true.

So next time you ask yourself, “What type of government does Cuba have?”, you will know the answer. May the people of Cuba  and elsewhere, where human rights are repressed, breath freedom soon.

This post in Spanish: ¿Qué Tipo De Gobierno Tiene Cuba?

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